India China border
An Indian village's sorrow turned to joy on Wednesday after finding one of its soldiers was alive after being reported dead in clashes on the India China border. Image Credit: Supplied

pc小群正规群Patna: A family in Bihar grieving the “death” of a close kin during a violent conflict between Chinese and Indian troops along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in Ladakh suddenly went into celebration after being informed that the man in question was alive. 
The army officials even made the family members talk to the soldier who had been declared dead earlier.

A pall of gloom had descended at Dighra-Parsa village in Bihar’s Saran district on Tuesday evening, shortly after an army official called up Menka Rai, wife of Sunil Kumar, to inform her that her husband had valiantly laid down his life in the line of duty while defending the country’s territory against the Chinese troops in Ladakh on Monday night. 
As many as 20 Indian soldiers, including a commanding officer, were killed in the conflict, according to official reports.

Grieving villagers

pc小群正规群Within minutes, the entire village went into mourning, while the soldier’s family lay in inconsolable grief. The condition of the soldier’s wife in particular was very pathetic as she wailed continuously, clutching her little daughter in her arms and beating her chest. Soon, the relatives started trickling in to the household, to mourn the death of the soldier.

All through the night, people kept inquiring about how to receive the body of the soldier. Grieving villagers even skipped their evening meal as a mark of respect to the deceased.

‘A new lease of life’

On Wednesday, however, the soldier himself called up his wife to inform her that he was alive! The soldier named Sunil Kumar, who had been declared dead by the army official, was, in fact, another person by the same name. Even their fathers’ names were the same.

pc小群正规群“He called me over the phone today and said he was alive. He asked me not to worry ... God has given me a new lease of life,” the soldier’s wife Menka Rai told the media on Wednesday. She profusely thanked God for safeguarding her husband.

pc小群正规群The director of the Soldier Welfare Directorate, too, issued a Press statement on Wednesday, saying that the whole confusion was created due to similarities in names.
“The martyred soldier named Sunil Kumar belongs to Bihta village in Patna district, and not Saran district,” said a Press statement issued by the state government on Wednesday.

Two more martyrs from Bihar

pc小群正规群According to reports, as many as three soldiers from Bihar have died in the violent clashes that took place between Indian and Chinese troops stationed along the LAC in Ladakh, on Monday night. One of them, Aman Kumar, a resident of Samastipur, was married barely a year back, while another soldier, Kundan Kumar, was married two years back and has a 17-day-old baby girl.