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The medical team that saved the patient Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: The life of a 69-year-old Asian has been saved in the nick of time by doctors of Saudi German Hospital, Ajman.

pc小群正规群The patient reported to emergency with a poor health condition. He was transferred directly to the Intensive Care unit since he was suffering from a host of conditions that included cardiovascular disease, a stroke affecting his left brain and other serious health conditions.

The patient was administered with anti-platelet drugs and anticoagulant (blood clotting) medications, as he was hospitalised in the ICU for five days, While at the ICU his health took a turn for the worse as he suffered sudden hypotension (low blood pressure) and lost consciousness.

pc小群正规群Investigations carried out by doctors found his haemoglobin levels to be 6.5 which is very low, The medical team, led by Dr Mohamed Raafat, vascular surgeon, radiologists Dr Mohamed Al-Husseini and Dr Ahmed Abdul Wahid as well as well as Dr Tasneem General Surgery - along with other doctors, diagnosed a massive haematoma (pool of blood from leaking blood vessels) in his abdomen. The team suspected an ulcer in the wall of the right main pelvic artery, in addition to an increase of the thickness of the artery wall. An immediate intervention was necessary to save his life.

pc小群正规群Dr Raafat successfully performed a peripheral vascular catheterisation placing a covered stent at the exact point of the arterial wall damage, resulting in complete sealing of the tear. The bleeding was stopped and the vital signs of the patient and his haemoglobin levels were stabilised.

“It was a miracle and the medical team made a great effort,” said Dr Reem Osman, group CEO, Saudi German Hospitals UAE.