Dubai Court
Dubai Court Image Credit: Gulf News Archives

Dubai: A gang of seven men went on trial at the Dubai Court of First Instance after they were accused of breaking into 25 grocery shops to steal money.

The gang was arrested by Dubai Police following one of the thefts in Al Quoz in December last year.

According to official records, the gang was behind 25 thefts in Dubai and 16 other thefts in other emirates. Grocery shops were the targets in all cases.

A 31-year-old Indian salesman, who discovered the Al Quoz incident, said he had locked the grocery shop and left from work after midnight. But at 4am, he remembered that he had forgotten his wallet.

pc小群正规群“I went to bring the wallet when I noticed the grocery’s door was broken, The safe was tampered with and money was missing. Surveillance cameras showed people breaking into the shop wearing masks,” said the salesman in records.

Dubai Police who investigated the matter arrested the seven men.

“They carried out 25 thefts on shops in Dubai and 16 in other emirates. They would monitor the groceries and allocate roles for the thefts between them,” an Emirati policeman testified.

pc小群正规群The verdict will be issued later this month.