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In the three days since Sushant Singh Rajput’s death, more and more skeletons are spilling out of the closet as Bollywood reels from the actor’s shock suicide on June 14.

pc小群正规群Earlier today, Bollywood actor and producer Arbaaz Khan filed a legal case against ‘Dabangg’ director Abhinav Singh Kashyap following his accusations that the Khan family had sabotaged his career.

pc小群正规群Kashyap had spoken out in wake of Rajput’s death.

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“We have had no communication with Abhinav since we started working on ‘Dabangg 2.’ We parted ways professionally. Don’t know where all this coming from. We are taking legal action,” Arbaaz told Indian daily, Hindustan Times. While Arbaaz spoke about the charges levelled against him and his family, his father Salim Khan refused to be drawn into any debate.

pc小群正规群“Let him [Abhinav Kashyap] do whatever he wants, I am not going to waste time in reacting to what he says,” told Salim to Times of India.

Kashyap had accused Salman Khan, his two brothers and family for attempting to destroy his career and bullying him relentlessly. While he directed the original ‘Dabangg’, he wasn’t part of the other hit installments.

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Kashyap continues to blame the Khans for preying on him by deliberately and snatching away films.

In a Facebook post two days after Rajput’s suicide, Kashyap wrote: “So here is my story 10 years after ‘Dabangg’. The reason I moved out of making ‘Dabangg 2’ ten years ago is because Arbaaz Khan in collusion with Sohail Khan and family was trying to take control of my career by bullying me.”

pc小群正规群Kashyap also claimed that Khan and his family repeatedly threatened him. “My projects and creative endeavours have been sabotaged and I have been repeatedly threatened with life and rape threats given to/for the female members of my family. The sustained gas lighting and bullying destroyed my mental health and that of my family and led to my divorce and breaking up of my family in 2017,” he said earlier.


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pc小群正规群However, Kashyap isn’t alone in his accusations. Late actress Jiah Khan’s mother Rabia Khan condoled the death of Rajput as well, while slamming Bollywood’s ‘bullying culture’.

pc小群正规群She also hit out at Salman Khan, accusing him of trying to sabotage the investigation of her daughter’s suicide in 2015 and protecting budding actor Sooraj Pancholi who was reportedly dating Jiah at the time of her suicide. Pancholi was being launched by Salman’s production house.

“What happened with Sushant has reminded me of 2015 when I went to meet CBI officer who had called me down from London. He said please come, we have found some incriminating evidence. I land up over there and he says, ‘Oh, by the way, Salman Khan calls me every day and says he has invested a lot of money, please don’t harass the boy, please don’t interrogate him, don’t touch him. So what can we do, madam?’ He was annoyed, he looked frustrated,” Rabia said in interview with entertainment web portal Spotboye.

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“My condolences to Sushant Singh’s family. It is very heartbreaking, it is not a joke. Bollywood has to change, Bollywood has to wake up. Bollywood has to completely demolish bullying. I have to say bullying is also kind of killing somebody,” she added.

Rabia continued: “If this is what is going to happen that you are going to pressurise and use your money and power to sabotage deaths and investigations, then I don’t know where we citizens can go to.”

Jiah committed suicide at her residence in Mumbai in 2013. She was 25. Her alleged boyfriend Sooraj was charged with a case of abetment to Jiah’s suicide.


Bollywood star Kriti Sanon at Sushant Singh Rajput's funeral
Bollywood star Kriti Sanon at Sushant Singh Rajput's funeral Image Credit: ANI

pc小群正规群Bollywood actress Kriti Sanon and Rajput’s ‘Raabta’ co-star, though, has blasted trolls, the hate speech and the intrusive media for pounding her with negativity and vitriol ever since the actor’s suicide.

Sanon was one of the limited stars who attended Rajput’s funeral, but wasn’t happy about being hounded by paparazzi there.

“Someone should define what’s acceptable, what’s not, what falls under journalism, and what comes under none of your business and live and let live,” posted Sanon on Twitter. The actress was reportedly treated shabbily when she arrived for the funeral with press photographers pounding on her car window.

“Funeral is a very private and personal affair. Let’s put humanity before our profession,” she added.

Sanon also took objection to stories being written in the media about celebrities. “Blind items should be ILLEGAL, should be banned. They should come under Mental Harassment! Either have proof or some [expletive] guts to write the names or don’t write at all. You write hear-say and call it journalism,” she posted.

pc小群正规群Sanon’s relationship with Rajput has been put under the scanner with some being salacious about the nature of their bond. Sanon expressed her anguish over the actor’s death a day ago. But her post came after she was hounded by trolls for not posting a tribute to the actor rapidly.

“It has broken me completely to know that you had a moment in your life where dying felt easier or better than living. I so wish you had people around you to get you past that moment, I wish you hadn’t pushed the ones who loved you away,”

Joining the narrative is Bollywood talent manager Rohini Iyer of Raindrop Media who urged everyone to back off Rajput’s case. “Don’t reduce his talent to serve your agenda ... He hated fake friends, phone calls and small talk ... He didn’t need camps, he had his own kingdom,” said Iyer in her post.


Sushant Singh Rajput
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pc小群正规群Mere days after the suicide of Bollywood star Sushant Singh Rajput, a fan has reportedly also killed himself in memory of the actor.

pc小群正规群The incident has occurred in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, where the fan reportedly left a note behind that read: “If He Can Do It Why Can’t I.” The incident was reported in the local press, with the school-going teenage boy allegedly being an ardent fan of the late actor.

Rajput’s death has sent shockwaves through the film industry and his fans, with a seven-year Bollywood career cut short after he was found dead in his Mumbai apartment. According to the Mumbai Police, the actor was battling depression.

He was cremated the following day with a handful of celebrities from the Bollywood industry in attendance, including Shraddha Kapoor, Rajkummar Rao, Vivek Oberoi and Kriti Sanon. (With inputs from IANS)