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Bollywood actor and producer Arbaaz Khan has already filed a legal case against ‘Dabangg’ director Abhinav Singh Kashyap following his accusations that the Khan family had sabotaged his career.

pc小群正规群“We have had no communication with Abhinav since we started working on ‘Dabangg 2.’ We parted ways professionally. Don’t know where all this coming from. We are taking legal action,” Arbaaz Khan told Indian daily, Hindustan Times. While Arbaaz Khan spoke about the charges levelled against him and his family, his father Salim Khan refused to be drawn into any debate.

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pc小群正规群“Let him [Abhinav Kashyap] do whatever he wants, I am not going to waste time in reacting to what he says,” told Salim Khan to Times of India.

pc小群正规群Kashyap had accused Salman Khan, his two brothers and family for attempting to destroy his career and bullying him relentlessly. While he directed the original ‘Dabangg’, he wasn’t part of the other hit installments.

Kashyap continues to blame the Khans for preying on him by delibertely and snatching away films.

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In a Facebook post two days after Sushant Singh Rajput’s suicide, Kashyap wrote: “So here is my story 10 years after ‘Dabangg’. The reason I moved out of making ‘Dabangg 2’ ten years ago is because Arbaaz Khan in collusion with Sohail Khan and family was trying to take control of my career by bullying me.”

pc小群正规群Kashyap also claimed that Khan and his family repeatedly threatened him. “My projects and creative endeavours have been sabotaged and I have been repeatedly threatened with life and rape threats given to/for the female members of my family. The sustained gaslighting and bullying destroyed my mental health and that of my family and led to my divorce and breaking up of my family in 2017,” he said earlier.